Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Take the big leap and unleash the untapped revenue hidden in your data.

As the world becomes more and more data-driven, the analogy of data being more valuable than oil is turning out to be truer today than ever. Businesses today have access to data from varied sources and yet, the potential of this data to influence key decisions is yet untapped for most. This is where we come in! Emotion and intuition may not always direct business owners towards intelligent decisions. With the right data and analytics, you can make the right decisions for your business to be successful.

At The Big Leap, we believe data is the essence of any successful business. We crunch data points to find unified intelligence that can help businesses add value to their customers through targeted marketing, personalized customer experiences, and effective lead generation. By seizing the potential of Big Data and Analytics, businesses can find their edge over competition and become an insight-driven organization. Our machine learning models securely process data with complete accuracy, and enable businesses to become a part of the new era of innovation and differentiation.

Transform raw data into actionable insights for up to 6X profitability.

In order to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world, every industry must leverage the power of data science and intelligence. We’ve helped businesses across industries take the big leap through our robust and dependable model.


With the last decade accelerating the process of digital transformation, financial organizations have realized the abundance of data available to them. This massive amount of data is worth so much more for the financial sector with the right algorithm. Hence the banking, financial services and insurance sectors need to shift their focus towards data analytics to derive optimal business outcomes.

With financial organizations, it is important to segment customers and identify where to focus marketing and sales efforts for improved results. We at The Big Leap help businesses in the financial sector identify and target their valuable customers and hence, increase their ROI exponentially. The strategic use of data can help shape strategies to drastically reduce customer acquisition costs. Apart from sales, data analytics can help with risk identification by flagging any unusual customer activities, which is a key challenge in the sector.

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The digital transformation has redefined the way in which customers purchase. In order to engage with today’s evolved customers, it is important for e-commerce businesses to distinguish themselves from the competition. Data Analytics provides that opportunity for businesses to provide their customers exactly what they want.

At The Big Leap, we understand the wealth of customer information and its potential to shape strategy. We employ machine learning algorithms to reach the ideal goal of knowing every possible information about the consumer and make it the cornerstone for every decision. Analyzing the customer data can give e-commerce business owners an insight into the customers’ real time social media activity, purchase history and online behaviour. This valuable information can be the foundation for an optimal marketing and sales strategy to recommend the best offers, optimize the price, forecast consumer demand and effectively manage inventories. After all, e-commerce analytics has the potential to create impulse buying amongst consumers through targeting and retargeting on platforms where customers are present.

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The vast amount of data stockpiled with automotive organizations often seems daunting, but organizations who adopt data analytics gain the power to predict the future and fuel growth. As the role of the traditional automobile dealer is being reimagined, there is also an ocean of opportunity for businesses in this segment to better understand consumer behaviour through analytics and streamline everything from manufacturing, research, marketing, sales to even post-sales customer experience.

At the Big Leap, our machine learning algorithm efficiently captures data from multiple sources and maps them as per business challenges. It provides automotive organizations the possibility to solve complex business problems and deliver memorable customer experiences. It allows businesses to cut down costs and innovate by altering their strategies - based on demand forecasts, industry trends, customer preferences.

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