So, you have an e-commerce business that sells your best products. But, you are not getting enough sales out of it. People don’t yet know that your product exists in the market. Probably, your product is much better than your competitors, yet people are not buying it. Is the packaging not attractive? Or people can’t find your shop? What possibly is the problem? The problem is you are not Investing in digital marketing.

Why should you invest in digital marketing?

With ever-evolving technology, people have shifted online. Nowadays, people opt for an online shop rather than a showroom. The reason for this is that people prefer shopping from the comfort of their homes. In this case, the ball is in your court. You have a chance to grab your customer’s or prospect’s attention within seconds. For this, you need to invest in different types of marketing.

Product Page:

Whenever people search for any product online, they search this way, “Skincare products for acne”. This is called a keyword. In your product page copy, make sure to write the product name similar to the researched keyword. This way, you are more likely to appear whenever anyone searches that keyword. Most importantly, in the description, mention exactly what your product does and how it can help your customers.

Email Marketing:

Send your customers emails featuring your latest and new products. Try and make the email visually appealing as well because that does make a difference. Here’s a trick. In your email, for some products don’t add the price. Instead, add a link which says- “ click to know the discount price”. This way, when they visit your website they can also check out your other products and boom! You have grabbed their attention.

Run ads:

The above two methods work with the customers or prospects who already know you exist. But, how to get new customers to visit your website or social media page? By running ads. In your ad copy, again, keep it visually appealing and the copy short and simple. Copies make the biggest difference in your sales, and make sure to get them right.

Social Media Marketing:

The rule is simple, if your audience doesn’t trust you or connect with you, they will probably not buy your services or product. Now, your job is to connect with them and build trust. This can be done by leveraging the power of social media. Start posting relevant content for your audience on your page, offer them information that can help them in a way. Here’s a tip, also post about your working day, do a QandA, start doing lives. In short, keep it authentic.

Have a Page For Reviews:

On your website, have a separate dedicated page for your reviews. This is similar to a recommendation. When your ideal customers see these reviews, he or she is convinced that your product is reliable and can solve their problem. An advantage you have in this case is that if you have a reviews page, and you attract a customer through your ads, he or she can trust you even though they haven’t been following your social media page. Make the most of your website and put up authentic reviews along with before and after pictures.


Optimize your product page by adding keywords, attract your customers with the right email marketing. Run ads to gain new customers who have not been connected with you or followed you on social media. Post relevant and useful information on your social media handles, and last but not least, create a separate review page.

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